About Us

United Cabs, Blueline Taxi and Prestige Car Service are Saskatoon's premier taxi companies. Our brokerage has been meeting the ever-changing needs of Saskatoon and area for outstanding taxi service for 38 years. Currently our fleet consists of 68 individually owned and operated sedans, multi-passenger vans and wheelchair accessible vehicles making us, not only Saskatoon's but also Saskatchewan's largest taxi fleet. While other fleets have downsized over the years our brokerage has grown to a point where two out of every three taxis in Saskatoon use our services.

We strongly believe that this level of growth is due to our ability to adapt and respond to the ever changing needs of both our customers and our owner/operator fleet. A fine example of this would be our wheelchair accessible fleet of vans. Our company was the first in Saskatchewan to see the need for this specialized service and the first to provide it on a 24/7 basis. This "can do" attitude and ability to adapt to the needs and requirements of the customer definitely set us apart from others in the local transportation industry.

In 1984, realizing a need to improve our response time not only to our customers but also our owner/operators, we became the second company in Western Canada to install a computerized dispatch service. Many questioned the wisdom of a small (by eastern standards) Taxi Company making such a large investment, but by switching to computer we were able to achieve a level of service far beyond those of our competitors with the older "voice" technologies. Today we boast, quite proudly, that over 80% of our customers are in their taxi and heading to their destinations within five minutes of their call to our office. When our dispatch staff says, "right away", we mean it.

Another beneficiary of our Computer Dispatch System has been our office staff. While most taxi companies experience a high level of staff turnovers our dispatch system allows our staff to deal with the customers and drivers on a one to one basis without the stress of having to respond to the needs of both groups at the same time. Longer tenured service staff means more experienced staff and that experience shows daily at our company.

United Blueline Taxi is owned privately and has been in business in Saskatoon for 35 years. The company is owned by Scott Suppes, Laurie Suppes, and Gerald Haller. The management team consists of Scott Suppes President, Carlo Triolo General Manager, Tony Rosina Operations Manager, Annette Pshebylo Account Manager, Ken Neufeld Fleet Manager, Darrell Fehr Manager Atomic Auto Service, and Darrell Fehr Manager Railway Gas. Collectively they have a wealth of experience.